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NEW: 2012 NC Plumbing Code Exam Book

  • 850 multiple choice questions (see practice exam at bottom of this page)
  • Use as study tool to prepare for NC State Plumbing License Exam
  • Use your codebook to locate answers to simulate NC State Plumbing Licensing Exam
  • Use as in-house training program or to gauge employee learning progress
  • Use to increase and test your plumbing code knowledge
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 NEW: Online NC Plumbing Codebook Exams

  • Practice for the NC Plumbing Licensing Exam
  • 850 questions based on all 11 chapters of the codebook
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NC Plumbing Development Classes

Offered through NC Plumbing & Mechanical Association (NCPMA)


This class is mandatory for some licensed plumbers by the NC Board of Examiners. It is administered through PHCC of NC and open for public enrollment.

It is a great way to obtain code classes without attending an exam preparation seminar. Also an opportunity to expand code knowledge for an apprentice or plumber, or as continued education for licensed plumbers.

Part A: Topic: Chapters 5 and 6

Part B: Topic: Chapters 7, 8 and 9

Part C: Topic: Chapters 10, 11, 1, 2, 3, & 4  


Price and Location: Contact

PHCC of North Carolina

Jim Pendergrass, Executive Director
PO Box 90128
Raleigh, North Carolina 27675
Phone: (919)532-0522
Fax: (919)532-0523
Web site:


NC Plumbing Licensing Exam Preparation

  • This two day seminar prepares you to successfully take the exam
  • It is heavy on sizing a drainage waste and vent system
  • We focus on you knowing instead of cramming
  • We use customized books, handouts and PowerPoint presentations to compliment instructions

You must know common codes instead of consuming valuable time looking in the codebook while taking the exam. Time is not on your side during the exam, so every question you can answer without searching the book allots more time for answers requiring the use of the code book.

We do not hold a seminar until we have 10 seats sold

We offer in-house seminars for companies, groups of individuals and organizations.

Please contact us for more information.



Practice Exam

Below is a small sample of the 850 questions from our 2012-2015 NC Code Exam Book. Answers at bottom of this page.


1) Additions, alterations, renovations or repairs to any plumbing system shall not cause the existing system to become insanitary, unsafe or ___________.

a)    compliant with new code

b)    overloaded

c)    sanitary

d)    Both a and b


2) Approved is defined as being accepted by ________________.

a)    code official or third party

b)    authority having jurisdiction or third party

c)    third party or NC Board of Examiners

d)    code official or authority having jurisdiction


3) Strainer plates on drain inlets cannot have holes greater than _______.

a)    1/4”

b)    3/8"

c)    1/2”

d)    1/8”


4) Whirlpool pump drain piping must be sloped to drain the water in ______ and circulation piping must also be sloped to drain when the tub is empty.

a)    volute

b)    piping

c)    expansion tank

d)    All of the above


5) A water heater pan drain pipe must terminate __________ a suitably located waste receptor or floor drain, or to the exterior of building.

a)    near

b)    over

c)    adjacent to

d)    directly connected to


6) Testing a water piping system with water requires _____________ minutes minimum.

a)    100 pounds per square inch for 15

b)    working pressure for 15

c)    100 pounds per square inch for 10

d)    working pressure for 10


7) When top occupied floor is more than 75-feet high _________ fittings are not allowed on a drainage waste and vent system.

a)    service weight cast iron

b)    no-hub cast iron

c)    plastic

d)    Both a and c


8) Open hub waste receptors must extend at least ______ above a water impervious floor.

a)    1”

b)    2”

c)    3”

d)   1/2"


9) Except where circuit venting is permitted, all fixtures downstream of __________ must be individually vented.

a)    urinals

b)    sinks

c)    tubs

d)    water closets


10) Trap seal depth must be minimum _____ and maximum _____.

a)    2” and 4”

b)    1” and 2”

c)    3” and 4”

d)    1” and 3”



1)  b) overloaded (102.4 Additions, alterations or repairs)

2)  d) code official or authority having jurisdiction (Chapter 2 Definitions: Approved)

3)  c) 1/2" (304.2 Strainer plates)

4)  a) volute (421.3 Drain)

5)  b) over (504.7.2 Pan drain termination)

6)  b) working pressure and 15 (601.4 Tests)

7)  c) plastic (702.1 Aboveground sanitary drainage and vent pipe) (702.14 Fittings)

8)  a) 1” (802.3.2 Open hub waste receptors)

9)  d) water closets (901.2.1 Venting required)

10) a) 2” and 4” (1002.4 Trap seals)


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